Trust us with the details and you will see. Here's what our clients have to say:

We cannot imagine getting through our wedding without Heather's help. She is thoroughly professional, has tremendous insights and attention to detail, communicates very effectively, multi-tasks calmly and efficiently, is a hard worker, and seems to know everybody! We really enjoyed working with her and would recommend her highly.
-Tania (Mother of the Bride)- 4/17/2010

The best investment we made through out the wedding planning was hiring Now & Forever Event Planning to help us put together our very beautiful and fun big day. Heather went above and beyong helping us, she gave her opinion and always looked for our best interest. She was always availaible to help and provide feedback and support. The end result was more than we expected and really it was because of her help. On the wedding day my husband and I were able to just sit, laugh, dance and enjoyed our big day. So if you are looking for good affordable planning, Now & Forever Event Planning is the place to call.
-Betty (Bride)- 9/9/2006

I loved working with Heather she was on top of all my problems that came up with my wedding planning. She was there for all my questions and worries 24-7. I highly recommend her to all of you. Good Luck.
-Mariel (Bride)- 3/10/2007

Heather was my coordinator for my wedding in January. She was such a great help and really helped my dreams become a reality on the big day. I can’t even tell you how great she is and how her “can do” attitude really helped relax my mom and I.

I thought I had everything covered for the wedding and she thinks of things that I would have missed and most importantly takes care of the flow of the reception and ensures that everything is set up perfectly and that your important items, gifts and anything you bring with you makes it home with you!.

When I met with my other vendors they all said that Heather was one of the few coordinators that really goes above and beyond and really loves what she does. I think that is the ultimate compliment coming from another vendor in the wedding world. At the end of the wedding all of my bridesmaids commented on how helpful she was and hugged her as they left. She feels like a friend looking out for you on the big day. I feel grateful that we hired Heather and think anyone looking for a coordinator should talk with her before booking anyone. You will see her positive attitude will help you to enjoy every minute on your wedding day.
-MVillar2010_01 (Bride)- 01/16/2010